We don’t just look for the right person – it’s the big picture!

  • The days of taking an “order” are long gone for Hunt a Skill. Nor do we accept assignments over the telephone or via electronic media. Assignments are agreed upon over a personal discussion with the client at the initial stage where the modalities and expectations are clearly laid down and followed by our written understanding of same.
  • The job profile is not the only aspect of the assignment. Our initial meeting is also to get a better understanding of the organization’s structure, culture and position in the industry. This enables us to assess correctly whether the candidate would fit the assignment and the organization.
  • We use an extremely confidential approach in our services, therefore we do not advertise the positions that we recruit. We use specialized headhunting approaches that target not only those seeking change but those who, although well contented in their current positions, are skillfully persuaded to consider further challenges.