Methodology & Legal

MPM would absorb the client’s existing non-core service employees into its payroll and thereby take on the role of legal employer. Thereafter, the following responsibilities will be entrusted upon MPM on behalf of the client: preparation of salaries, preparation of statutory payments such as EPF, ETF, PAYE and allowances as indicated by client/disbursement of salaries and allowances/disbursement of statutory payments. Once absorbed as the legal employer, MPM will replace staff in any of the accepted categories in the event of loss of staff for any reason, so as to continue uninterrupted quality service. MPM would provide a monthly statement of transactions and receipts.

Legal Framework
MPM and the client would enter into a Legal binding Agreement for Outsourced Janitorial, Building Cleaning & Maintenance or other services required by the client. In this agreement, the client’s expectations would be bid out and agreed upon by MPM.