Mankind has been actively involved in CSR from its inception, growing and developing this platform with every passing year. We have joined hands with an orphanage, Jinananda Children’s Development Centre from 2014, where we organise a host of exciting events such as friendly cricket matches with the England A Team, kite festivals and setting up meals on many occasions such as on festival days. In addition we have played an active part in the construction of one of the buildings at the orphanage as well as contributing to other essential necessities. Our main aim has is to focus on helping people who cannot help themselves. For instance, we are currently contributing to a blind family on a monthly basis whilst supporting a person in a coma, and sponsoring an elderly person with their medical expenses.

We recently introduced the Mankind Training Programme, where the primary goal is to mould young individuals to be the best they can be. Our comprehensive training courses are concise, yet informative and packed with valuable knowledge on practical and essential soft skills. These are taught via lectures, seminars, Q&A, workshops and a variety of other exciting activities that allow the exploration of one’s potential role through theoretical concepts and real life situations. At Mankind Training, we know what it takes to help you hone and craft numerous skills that every organisation seeks out of their employees, such as team building, self-confidence, motivation, handling pressure, listening skills, critical thinking and problem solving, all traits that need to be cultivated.

We also take pride in publishing articles ranging from career development to recruitment every fortnight, so as to disseminate important industry information via an on-going partnership with local publication, The Sunday Times. These articles typically tackle a range of topics, including how to face an interview with confidence, crafting a CV effectively, and how outsourcing can be beneficial for a modern-day organisation to name a few. It’s our hope that these write-ups will be useful for job seekers and employers in helping them seek the best possible opportunities out there for their professional evolution.