About Us

Mankind stands at the forefront of talent acquisition, with a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1978. With nearly half a century of experience, we specialize in identifying, sourcing, and placing top-tier candidates across diverse industries, both locally and internationally.

Our journey began with a singular vision: to revolutionize recruitment by prioritizing personalized service and unparalleled expertise. Today, we proudly oversee a family of companies, each dedicated to delivering exceptional talent solutions tailored to specific sectors and organizational needs.

Under the Mankind umbrella, you'll find AIMS, MPL, ESL, Mankind IT, HAS, and MIL. These sister companies operate with the same ethos of excellence, boasting teams of seasoned professionals adept at recruitment, headhunting, and outsourcing. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring our clients access the best-fit candidates for every role, from entry-level positions to C-suite executives.

What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation and adaptability. By staying ahead of industry trends and forging global partnerships, we expand our reach and refine our strategies, guaranteeing unparalleled results for our clients.

At Mankind, our success is rooted in understanding. We take the time to comprehend our clients' unique needs and company cultures, allowing us to not only match them with top talent but also foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. With Mankind, your organization gains more than just employees – you gain invaluable assets poised to drive sustainable growth and success.

Our Vision

To reliably fulfill our commitments while offering transparent services rooted in our dedication to matching individuals with the ideal corporate culture and environment. Through this commitment, we aspire to cultivate growth within various industries and emerge as recognized leaders on a global level.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to empower candidates with tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their career aspirations, facilitating their journey towards success. Our core competency lies in delivering on our commitments consistently, fostering trust incrementally with our clients. We prioritize personalized communication with organizations to understand their unique needs thoroughly. This enables us to provide a spectrum of solutions tailored to their requirements, fostering enhanced efficiency and future collaboration.