Unique Services

Local Placement

Local placement is a tailored service we provide, focusing on connecting skilled candidates with job opportunities within a defined geographic area. Through our expertise and network, we facilitate seamless matches between talented individuals and local businesses seeking their expertise. This specialized approach ensures that candidates find roles conveniently located while enabling employers to tap into a pool of talent readily available in their vicinity.

Foreign Placement

Foreign placements encompass our specialized service dedicated to facilitating employment opportunities for individuals in international settings. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we adeptly connect qualified candidates with job openings abroad. Our meticulous approach ensures seamless transitions for candidates seeking employment opportunities beyond their home country, while providing employers access to a diverse pool of global talent.


Headhunting embodies our refined approach to talent acquisition, focusing on identifying and attracting top-tier professionals for key positions within organizations. Through targeted research and direct outreach, we engage with highly qualified candidates who possess the specific skills and experience sought by our clients. Our strategic methodology ensures that we secure exceptional talent capable of driving organizational success and achieving business objectives.


Recruiting epitomizes our meticulous process of sourcing, assessing, and securing top talent to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients. Through strategic outreach, comprehensive evaluation, and personalized engagement, we identify candidates who align closely with our clients' requirements and culture. Our tailored approach ensures that we deliver qualified individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also contribute positively to organizational growth and success.


Outsourcing is a vital service we offer, where we take on specific HR functions for client companies. By handling tasks like recruitment, payroll, benefits, and training, we enable organizations to focus on their core operations. Our professional approach ensures seamless HR management, optimizing resources for maximum productivity.

Value we add on Outsourcing

Comprehensive HR support: From candidate search and screening to handling the entire recruitment process.

Payroll and statutory management: Administering payroll, statutory payments, and maintaining records.

Project and assignment management: Handling special projects, data entry, bookkeeping, and secretarial tasks.

Training and reference checks: Providing training sessions and conducting reference checks for candidates.

Documentation and compliance: Issuance of appointment letters, EPF/ETF registration, and maintenance of employee records.

Salary processing and insurance coverage: Issuing pay-slips, transferring salaries, and providing Workmen's Compensation Insurance.

Exit procedures and support: Managing exit processes for resigned or terminated employees, including documentation and filings.

Flexible support: Assisting with additional tasks as needed, ensuring seamless outsourcing support.