Chairman's Message

Message From our Managing Director

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Mankind International Pvt Ltd and our diverse recruitment network of companies. Mankind is driven by its vision for the future, which includes consistent expansion through an augmented client base, targeting a wider range of industries, and of course spreading our wings within the international landscape. We hope to take recruitment to higher levels, offering unique, novel options continually for best results. To do so, we will be looking at further investments in key areas within the company, so as to promote and introduce new and existing tools.

We owe much of our success to our people whom of which have different backgrounds, education, skills and experience but share common values of integrity, trust, teamwork, leadership and diversity, as well as commitment to achieve superior results. Our total staff strength is over 50 and each of our companies is served by their own team of courteous, friendly and experienced staff with a blend of young talent backed by Directors who count decades of experience in the field of recruitment, headhunting and outsourcing.

We are always on the lookout for established as well as up and coming organisations to embark upon a new and dynamic chapter to help turn our clients’ talent acquisition process into a strategic advantage for their organisation. We will peruse new avenues of business activities that will supplement the existing operations such as training, complete outsourcing of hospitality services etc.