How We Can Help


We at Mankind understand that finding a job can be tough, tiring, frustrating or all three of these and therefore we would like to be there for you during such a time.  Send us your CV so that you don’t have to go through your search alone.

• With most our companies surpassing over 40 years of experience in some of the best companies in Sri Lanka, we have never charged a commission fee from our candidates and we will always continue with that approach.

• Once we identify the best positions for you, our talented and experienced team of recruiters will guide you through the interview and every other process until you finally secure the job.

• As an additional service, we make sure that your CV looks great and is structured to highlight the areas sought out by our clients, so that you would be placed in a more advantageous position.

• If you have a problem with your placement, need to negotiate benefits, salary or commissions or just have general questions, we would work with you and for you.

All of our six companies focuses on different aspects of recruitment whether it is headhunting for senior positions or general outsourcing.  We recruit for every possible position out there, so whether you are actively looking for a change or would like to keep your options open, send us your CV to