With hands-on experience in the ‘People Placement’ business for more than 35 years, we have today become experts in hitting the target. With an unwavering commitment to our clientele and a strong emphasis on quality service, MIL has become a specialist in picking the right candidate with the right qualifications and experience for the job. Moreover, we do not levy any charges from the candidates. The selected candidates would pay Government approved taxes direct to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment which is the governing body for foreign employment in Sri Lanka and bear all costs related to their medical examinations, police reports and basic documentation expenses.

If you want to place your staffing worries in our hands, all you have to do is send us your request for staff of various categories along with a comprehensive job description with as much details as possible. Our specialized and highly proficient placement consultants will then source the most appropriate candidate from our extensive database. We would perform a preliminary interview of the selected candidates, screen them for suitability and submit their resumes to you in order to review, interview and select. MIL has the aptitude to listen to your specific needs and advise you on how to select the best of all. We are also in a position to conduct the final selection in some cases if required by the client or arrange on-line interviews. In the event we are unable to satisfy your requirements through our database, we would utilize a three pronged method of seeking the best candidates which would include a field search and advertising so that we may find the closest match to the profile for each position submitted by you. At MIL we first get to know your employment requirement, your culture and your business and then after a stringent screening process we provide you the ‘perfect match’ who will add value and drive your company forward. We at MIL ensure you get the right candidate and that you will never regret the choice you’ve made.

It may be pertinent to state that MIL also has access to a number of international associates’ databases that we utilize on a regular basis to support our own facilities, thus ensuring that we provide our clients with a comprehensive and high quality service. At MIL we consistently strive to maintain world class standards, always exceeding our client’s expectations. We take pride in adding value to our clients and providing career support to our candidates. Our international databases are located in Pakistan, India (2-3 associates), Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Bangladesh. Such staff may not necessarily be of Sri Lankan origin. Our success has been due to our focused approach in finding the right, specific people rather than enlisting large batches of prospective candidates with dubious qualifications. We also have the courage to decline the recruitment offer if we are unable to satisfy any industry specific client for any reason.