Initially, the client would have to provide all the necessary information to MPM to build the relationship between the two parties. Vital information would include conditions of a comprehensive monthly staff status report detailing listed staff, dates of employment and contract end dates, salaries, allowances and benefits, employees bank account details if relevant, attendance and any other related information for MPM to properly profess the outsourced payroll. Payments to outsourced staff would be within a specific time after receipt of salaries from the client (2 working days).

Cost savings assured to the client include, reduction of headcount, no administrative overheads, no administrative activity in relation to payroll, no legal implications with regard to employment or disciplinary issues, no union or labour issues, no redundant or ineffective staff, no interruptions due to non-attendance and no issues brought up from offer letters and contract renewals. All these would remain the responsibility of MPM until the end of the contract between MPM and its client.