Outsourcing Service That We Provide

MPL is Offering outsourced services to clients which is a worldwide trend, has found its place in the Sri Lankan market too as a practical and convenient solution. MPL will handle all of your HRM functions completely and undertake to outsource, interview, recruit and manage payments of emoluments to staff, in addition to other HR related aspects of your employees.

Why Outsource?

Employees of any organization are a fundamental source of competitive advantage and HR leaders are under continuous pressure to attract and retain the best people in a tight labor market. Recruitment outsourcing is a strategic tool for making businesses more productive, efficient and profitable whilst addressing all recruitment related legal and administrative issues on behalf of a client.

Benefits of using outsourced placement:

  • Reduce headcount and recruitment process
  • No administration of payroll and statutory payments
  • No legal implications with regard to employment and disciplinary issues
  • No Union or labour problems
  • No redundant or ineffective staff


Contact Details: No. 10, Davidson Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
Phone : +94 11 2593593, 2591981
Direct : +94 11 5745997
Fax : +94 11 2588307
Email : outsource@maritimeplacements.com

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MPM was established primarily to provide Janitorial Services as well as to manage and maintain small or medium sized offices, factories, condominium/apartment complexes and residencies. Whilst concentrating on its core business, the company has also diversified to offer outsourced services to its clients. Many small to medium sized organisations cannot afford to have electricians, plumbers and maintenance staff on their regular payroll. However, the need for such services occurs on a continuing basis. Our outsourcing package includes cleaning and maintenance for the interior and exterior of the building in accordance to the high standards and expectations of our clients. Our comprehensive outsourcing package also includes the overall maintenance of electricity, water, plumbing, minor repairs to fittings and fixtures. We also provide client introductions to reliable firms to provide services not covered by our outsourcing package (e.g. partitioning, carpeting, air-conditioning etc.) All this is provided at a very reasonable cost.

Contact Details: No. 10 Davidson Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
Phone :+94 11 2591981-3
Direct :+94 11 2555700
Fax : +94 11 2588353
Email : mpmsl@sltnet.lk

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