How to Ace Your Job Interview.

April 15, 2024

If you’re through to the next stage of the job application process and preparing for the interview, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right strategies to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your potential employer.

Here are some expert tips to help you navigate the interview process with confidence, character and professionalism.

1) Share your Story

If you are asked ‘tell me about yourself’, interviewers want to hear what makes you tick, where you find your motivation and whether your character is the right fit for the job. Experience is important, but allowing your character and personality to shine through, alongside your professionalism, can be pivotal to whether you secure the role. The interviewer is hiring a person to fit in their team and they are interested in more than just your qualifications.

2) Do Your Research

This seems like an obvious one, but making sure you are well prepared with questions to ask the interviewer is the perfect way to demonstrate your thought and engagement with the company. It not only shows you care about the business progress, but also provides you with a chance to demonstrate how you can add value to the business in its current status.

3) Ask Thoughtful Questions

From your research, try to come up with at least 4 questions you can ask at the end of the interview. This is a great opportunity to gain some extra insight into the company and demonstrate that you are proactive and commercially engaged. Great topics include organisation culture, the future progress of the company and opportunities for professional development.

4) Short but Sweet- The STAR Method

Follow the ‘Situation, Task, Action, Result’ technique when answering questions, starting by briefly highlighting your most important qualification/achievement and then going into more detail for context. This helps you to be concise and well-structured in your answers, to most effectively get across what you’re trying to say without digressing.

5) Show Your USP

What is it that distinguishes you from other candidates? Have a clear idea of why you would want to hire yourself for this job role. What are the unique experiences, skills and characteristics you have that stand you out? Allow this to give you confidence going into the interview.

6) Handle Difficult Questions

There’s always going to be one question that you weren’t expecting, and instead of rushing into responding to any tricky questions, you can always take a pause. Say something like ‘let me think of the best example’, as this allows you a moment to choose the most pertinent skill or experience you want to focus on and prevents any rambling.

7) Honesty is Always the Best Policy!

When faced with any difficult questions, such as any shortcomings or gaps in working life, it’s important to be honest with your answers and take responsibility, while also framing them in a positive way. Show that you have learnt something from any shortcomings, and emphasise how your experiences have shaped you into who you are now.

8) Body Language

The importance of body language can easily be overlooked, but is crucial to first impressions! Smile, stand up straight and make eye contact with the interviewer to exude confidence and professionalism. Also, make sure to show respect to everyone you meet- you never know if they might be asked for feedback after the interview.

Wishing you good luck for your interview!