Succession Planning

Succession planning is the strategic approach which ensures that an organization will have the right leader in place when they are needed now or in the future. Majority of companies do not undertake in such a task due to differences in agreeing on the strategic direction of said company as well as not having a formal process that evaluates internal and external talent.

Our approach begins with identifying the common business strategy of both the executives and the board thereby improving the identification process for any future leader when needed. We then create profiles on CEOs or future leaders to asses’ the development of these individuals down the line and if they align with our client’s culture/business strategy. In addition we also build a program that attracts and retains, internal or external talent as well laying out a framework that identifies the competency requirements for critical positions. And finally as an added option we can also create a development plan for internal talent that may include seminars, on the job training, mentoring and much more. 

Why choose us you may ask? With over 35 years of experience our team has an extensive understanding of the different cultures and strategies our clients have and how they have evolved over time. We have come across many companies that do not undertake in succession planning and have seen their development halt due to a lack of strategy when a executive leaves. We can make sure that this does not happen to your organization and thereby allow you to be ready at any given time.